Dubai is forever a city of adventures and been in the limelight internationally because of those fancy luxurious cars, Emirati architecture and world record breaking facilities. People who come to Dubai, if not able to buy and maintain a car, prefer renting their dream car to fulfill their desire of a luxury drive. It’s all about convenience and with such busy lifestyles, they barely get time to do all the upgrade and maintenance work done. With a lot of car rental agencies operating in Dubai, how can you crack a deal that best suits your pocket. We have dug up the 5 magical tips that will help you score a cheap car hire Dubai.

Discount Packages

Many agencies offer weekly, monthly or yearly packages. Estimate the specific number of days that you may need to rent a car Dubai and opt for a package that gives the best value as per your need. Remember, not every agency offers such packages, but it’s a good idea to let your agent know that you are willing to be their long-term client.

Cheap Car Hire Dubai Alemad

Compare Rates

There are hundreds of car rental agencies in Dubai and it is always wise to get a quotation from at 2 to 3 agencies to compare prices and go with the one that has the best offer for you. What you are looking for is the value for your money.

Advance Booking

It doesn’t matter if you prefer through a rental desk or an online booking, making a car reservation in advance in off season will save you a couple of hundreds more than making an urgent booking. Remember pre-booking is always a good option. At times, the car model or make you require is often not available, so it’s better to not take any last-minute chances and hit up an agency to pre-book it for you.

Cheap Car Hire UAE Alemad

Recommend Your Friends and Family

Businesses love clients who bring in more clients. Refer the car rental agency to your friends and family and cash on the discounts your agency will offer for promoting their business.

Maintain Loyalty with The Agency

If you are a regular customer at the same agency, you can always ask for a loyalty discount as it is a norm for businesses to entertain their returning clients with the best customer service and a good pricing deal.

Hope our tips will help you to get the best deal from your car rental agency.