Dominica is a mesmerizing Caribbean island. It has a name as the nation providing the quickest citizenship acceptance program. Presently, you can get Dominica passports within just 2 to 3 months upon fulfilling some conditions.

It commenced in 1991. It aims to offer people and families a second passport in merely 2 to 4 months of applying for the same. There are two approaches to obtain this– one via a donation to their government’s investor visa scheme. Alternatively, you can buy homes there. This is great news as Dominican passport holders can visit more than 130 countries without a visa. It is news that you simply cannot ignore if you are a global investor.

Citizenship by Investors Program

Simply investing a certain sum of money is adequate to gain approval for being a citizen of this island. Such investors can look forward to Dominica residency within 3 to 9 months of payment. Yes! You read that right! All it takes is under a year to process a citizenship request under this plan.

Section 101 of the Dominica Constitution provides amazing rights and privileges to its citizens. Why not take advantage of this leeway and apply for citizenship in quick time? Another interesting point – grantees are exempted from any requirement of residency in their country.

Citizenship by Investors Program

The Path to Dominica Passport

By the donation route, there are different prices for

  • Single application
  • Applicant and spouse
  • The applicant with three dependents: (generally spouse and two children below 18)

The Real Estate Path

This is a relatively newer method to invest. There is a minimal investment to be done in this path. Note that for a single property two different applicants can contribute to applying as long as each applicant pays the minimal requisite amount. Along with the minimal amount you need to pay the government fees.

As an added advantage, note that you can resell the property just by holding it for 3 years or 5 years as per CBI rules.

The Path to Dominica Passport

Dominica: The Destination for Your Citizenship

Getting citizenship is pretty straightforward in Dominica just merely by putting up the requisite documents. For further details, get in touch with PassPro leading dual citizenship consultants of Emirates. And enjoy the exotic island of Dominica with citizenship and all added advantages.