People who have crooked or improper smile line often avoid laughing openly. Fortunately, there are several methods introduced by cosmetic dentists in Dubai to make your smile flawless. Correcting crooked or improperly positioned teeth in adults is possible with the help of braces and veneers. However, these dental treatments have several limitations which is why the aesthetic correction of the shape and size is not offered to every patient. Here are some details about veneers and braces and how they can fix crooked teeth.

Can Veneers Fix Crooked Teeth?

Crowded teeth, large gaps between them, and bent structure of teeth are standard indications for the use of orthodontic treatments such as braces. However, in the case when such anomalies are on a small extent, veneers and crowns can be used to solve the problem. So, can veneers fix crooked teeth? The answer to this question depends on the level of complexity of the dental issue and the area in which correction is required.

In some cases, crooked teeth can be fixed with veneers. They will be a good solution in case of a small crowding of the front teeth. If teeth require significant correction, it is best to choose ceramic veneers. Composite veneers are the best option to correct small curvatures and gaps between teeth. As for the cost of such treatment, the latter option is cheaper than ceramic veneers, but will also have its drawbacks. You can put a veneer on one crooked tooth as well as on the whole set of teeth.

Braces or Veneers – What to Choose?

Braces and veneers can be utilized to align your teeth. However, their functions cannot be compared, since the former correct occlusion anomalies by moving the teeth to the correct position, while the latter only mask aesthetic defects and correct the shape. If you have small curvatures of the teeth, the orthodontist will most likely advise the installation of veneers, and in case of more serious pathologies, correction with braces will be required. It is important to choose an expert to get these treatments. Several dental clinics in the UAE have professional orthodontists with decades of experience. Make sure you have a detailed consultation before choosing braces and veneers.

Braces for Crooked Teeth

  • Do not require tooth grinding
  • The treatment lasts from 6 months to 2 years
  • Fix tooth anomalies for life
  • Need careful care
  • Have an adaptation period

Veneers for Crooked Teeth

  • Teeth grind at 0.3 – 0.7 mm
  • Defects are corrected in one or two procedures
  • Stays in good condition for 10 to 15 years
  • There are no special requirements for hygiene
  • The patient can get used to of them within a week

Price Difference Between Both Options

When it comes to price, braces are cost-effective than veneers. The cost of installing orthodontic braces in Dubai clinics starts at 12000 AED. A ceramic overlay for one tooth costs from 5000 AED and in most cases at least four veneers are required.

Pros and Cons of Aligning Teeth with Veneers and Crowns

The advantages of veneers are obvious. There is no need for long term treatments and you don’t have to wear orthodontic designs on the teeth. If the teeth had a bad shape and color, then these shortcomings can be corrected by installing veneers or crowns. However, this treatment has quite significant drawbacks. The dentist will grind the teeth for the installation of veneers, the more prominent the anomaly is, the more dental enamel will have to be removed.

When Veneers Cannot be Placed on Crooked Teeth

If you have little misalignment then these tiny sheets can easily cover your teeth and make them look naturally straight without braces. However, you should discuss other options with your dentist before getting any treatment. One of the most serious contraindications to tooth alignment with veneers is an incorrect bite. In such defects, the interaction of the upper and lower teeth is disturbed. Therefore, with an incorrect bite, it is not recommended to install any aesthetic restorations because they will not last long. All other contraindications depend on the level of complexity of the dental issues such as teeth crowding, bent structure and improper position. Therefore, before deciding to grind your teeth for veneers, it is necessary to visit the orthodontist and weigh the pros and cons.