You should know about certain equipment and their purposes to ensure that your business runs smoothly and doesn’t cause any unnecessary complications. Lifting equipment like cranes, forklifts, hydraulic elevators, telehandlers, manlifts, etc. are some of the most frequently utilized heavy lifting equipment by construction companies.


Cranes are normally used to move freight or for moving heavy goods. A wide range of cranes are available to cater to various purposes. Cranes are designed to suit various purposes so they differ in size and capacity.
Al Faris Group a heavy lift company in UAE has all kinds of cranes to help you in your construction. A building construction site will use the largest tower cranes while the smaller ones can be used in workshops and warehouses. It also depends on the height of the object to be moved and the distance between it and the crane.


A forklift is used to lift and move goods and it is mainly used in large warehouses. There are forklifts available in various loading capacities and fuel requirements. Their loading capacity can range from five to fifty tons. You can power them with the help of diesel, propane, etc., depending on the model you decide to use. Also keep in mind the tyre type and the height of the forklifts while using one.

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A telehandler is also called a telescopic handler. It looks nearly identical to a forklift but there is one major difference. It has a telescopic beam which propels both upward and forward from the vehicle that it is attached to. One can attach a pallet fork to the end of the beam to move goods that you find difficult to reach up to with a forklift. It works like a mix between a crane and a forklift.

Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic elevators are stronger compared to the aforementioned equipment. Hydraulic elevators have tubes that are used to lift construction equipment. Fixed or permanent hydraulic elevators are used for transporting goods on tall buildings. Buildings of medium height can make do with a mobile hydraulic elevator and need not go for the permanent one.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders are the most basic necessity of any construction site. They are fit to lift construction material and deposit them in another spot. This wheel loader has many attachments that may differ from purpose to purpose and material to material. Usually backhoe loaders are utilized to lift off dirt and then put it aside. Other attachments can enable it to do more than that.

These were some of the frequently used heavy lifting equipment you can find in a construction site. For hiring any such equipment
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