The chances of having naturally perfect teeth without any defect or discoloration are quite low. Everybody dreams of an absolutely even, radiant-white and flawless smile like a movie star. However, many celebrities get veneers to make their teeth impeccable. If you look at the before and after photos of celebrities, you will find a huge transformation, especially in their smiles. Such examples show us that it is possible to change your outlook overnight by hiding dental imperfections. Here are some details you must know about Hollywood veneers which are available in Dubai.

Hollywood Veneers for a Hollywood Smirk

The notorious transformation of Hollywood stars is not a few hours thing. A team of professionals works on their image, including their smiles. However, with regards to whiteness, gloss, smoothness, perfect edges and aesthetic gaps between the teeth, the transformation is really possible. Hollywood veneers are the best option to remove all the shortcoming of your teeth. It is enough to read the reviews of doctors and patients about Hollywood veneers to make sure that they really cope with problems of an unaesthetic smile, like a yellowish or grayish color, uneven edges, unequal tooth size, small chips of enamel, and large gaps between teeth, etc.

Veneers and Hollywood Have Century-Long History

The first attempts to create something like modern veneers were made in Hollywood, back in the 1930s. They were intended for the then local movie stars. Veneers were invented by their dentist Charles Pincus. However, its prototypes were not at all like modern veneers and lumineers, but rather suited to the definition of theatrical props, as they were applied to unprepared teeth and held no longer than one shooting day. Therefore, it is Hollywood that can rightfully be considered the birthplace of veneers, as well as the most frantic consumer of today’s industry, especially in the UAE. It is one of the reasons why the most modern and effective ceramic veneers are called Hollywood veneers.

What Are Hollywood Veneers?

Hollywood veneers are the thinnest porcelain plates (no thicker than 0.3 mm), requiring minimal grinding of teeth and fixed on their front surface with special glue. Most modern Hollywood stars, both men and women, prefer to correct most of the defects of their smiles with veneers, be it an unaesthetic color that cannot be whitened, irregularities in the line of teeth, or crevices between teeth.

Who Can Get Hollywood Veneers?

Hollywood veneers are quite popular in Dubai and anyone can get them. Many popular celebs have them installed. If you look at the old photos of local celebrities and compare them with today’s photo, you will find a huge difference. The fact is that the Hollywood veneers installed on the teeth cannot be recognized at first glance because they perfectly imitate the natural whiteness and transparency of enamel.

Crucial Information About Veneers

Here is some information for those who decide to transform their smile with the help of Hollywood veneers.

Contraindications of Veneers

If the patient has decayed teeth or acute periodontal diseases, veneers cannot be installed. Do not install veneers if you suffer from bruxism or have a habit of clenching your teeth under stress.

Hygiene Is Necessary

Before correcting the aesthetic imperfections of a smile, it is necessary to completely sanitize the oral cavity, which means treating all diseases and undergo a professional hygiene procedure

Veneers Can Break

Thin ceramic plates of Hollywood veneers are incredibly strong. They can easily cut hard apples or bread, but they cannot withstand excessive loads. Therefore, avoid biting nuts chewing wire or pen with them.

Eat Mindfully

Hollywood veneers remain clear and white for a long time. However, some coloring drinks and foods, as well as those containing a large amount of acid, can create spots on the veneers, so after eating you should thoroughly gargle with water, and if possible, brush your teeth.

Maintain Good Oral Care

People who have Hollywood veneers installed should carefully monitor oral hygiene. Veneers do not overlap the cutting edge of the tooth, and therefore pathogenic bacteria can accumulate at the junction between enamel and veneer. Therefore, daily oral hygiene should be given special attention.

Professional Cleaning Is Vital

Daily hygiene is necessary but you should also visit your dentist in Dubai for professional cleaning. This will help you in keeping your veneers in good condition for decades.