Car tires never make for interesting conversation’, is what most people believe. If you are one of those, we can totally understand it. However, there are many things about car tires that you are probably not aware of. And once you know of these facts, car tires could be really interesting to talk about! So, here are 5 such lesser-known facts about car tires.

Car Tyres in Dubai

They Only Come in Black Color

Irrespective of what vehicle you drive and what type of tires you use, you’ll always find tires to be black colored. If you find them in any other color, then it has to be a repainting job. According to tyre exporters in Dubai, the original color of tires is white, as the rubber from which they are made is white. However, to increase the strength, durability, and quality of tires, carbon black is added to them. And this carbon black is what gives them their black color.

Tread Patterns

If you believed that the tread patterns on car tires were probably only there for aesthetic purposes, you are not alone. However, the fact is that the tires’ tread pattern (the type of tread pattern to be precise) determines factors such as braking distance, acceleration, and the car’s overall performance in general. So needless to say, tread patterns are crucial!

Rubber Isn’t the Only Material in Tyres

While rubber is probably the most important constituent of tires, it isn’t the only one. Various materials are added to the tires to improve their performance characteristics. Carbon black has already been talked about. Cobalt and Titanium are commonly used for bonding steel belts that you find inside the tires. There is a lot more to tires than just rubber.

They Come with An Expiry Date

Just like most other products, tires also come with an expiry date. Even if you have driven for very little, most car tire manufacturers would advise you to change them after 6 years, the reason being the continuous loss of elasticity in tires as a result of exposure to air.

Repair Tyres

You Can’t Always Repair Tyres

Tires are not always repairable. There are many situations where it would be extremely difficult, even impossible, to repair them. The only option you have in such a scenario would be to buy a new set of tires. If you are caught in such a situation and are looking for new durable and strong tires, then call us now!

So, the next time you are in a conversation with someone and don’t have a topic to talk about, there is always a ‘spare’ topic waiting for you!