Beautiful teeth are a requirement of the time and an important part of the image of a person. The uniform color, shape, size, and position of the teeth and their correct correlation with facial features determine the beauty of a smile. When creating a smile, many dentists in Dubai adhere to the universal principle of measuring face parameters. However, it is not always possible to restore a perfect smile due to age-related changes in facial proportions. Most people with small teeth need to fix defects and some simply dream of making their teeth bigger for a perfect smile. These problems can be solved by lengthening the teeth. Modern aesthetic dentistry offers several cosmetic procedures including veneers to change the size of teeth.

In What Cases Lengthening of the Teeth Is Necessary

Lengthening the crown of the tooth is done for aesthetic, functional and restorative purposes.


It includes the patients who want to increase the length of the teeth due to their cosmetic imperfections, such as the improper ratio of gums and teeth. When too much gum is exposed and the teeth appear small during a smile, people increase the length of the teeth.


If a patient has subgingival cavities, lengthening of the teeth can help in eliminating this ailment. Pathological abrasion of teeth, which is provoked by constant stress, has significantly increased among people. In order to return the teeth to their original appearance and size, as well as stop the progression of the process, surgical lengthening of the crowns of the teeth is often necessary.


In patients with the destruction of the tooth crown, surgical lengthening allows to fully distribute the chewing load and prevent fracture of the root of the tooth. This group is very significant in the total number of patients. A therapeutic restoration, for example, chipping off a part of an anterior tooth crown, is also a reason for conducting this procedure.

Contraindications for Teeth Lengthening

Surgically lengthening the crown of the tooth has certain contraindications. In such cases, procedures such as composite restoration of teeth and veneers are suitable for a tooth lengthening. The main limitation is the need for space and the possibility of fixing additional equipment and the time it takes for the extension and stabilization of the tooth. It is important that the ratio of the crown to tooth root does not exceed 1: 1 which is why teeth with a short root cannot go under surgery and veneers are used to correct the length. Surgical tooth lengthening is also avoided when it is impossible to reach certain areas of an oral cavity. Such anatomical limitations include the area of large molars. In cases when the patient has an ideal gingival margin and tooth lengthening can ruin the impression of a smile, surgery is not conducted and doctors prefer to use veneers. Elongation of the crown of the tooth with a veneer is possible with small chips. The lengthening of the front teeth occurs mainly with the help of Hollywood veneers or lumineers, and if the tooth is damaged by more than 70% then a crown is implanted.

Teeth Lengthening With Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the best options to increase the size of your teeth. People who are afraid of surgery and want to get rid of gummy smile without using surgical blades should consider veneers. However, to get the best results, you must consult the best dentist in Dubai who can overcome the challenges associated with teeth lengthening. Your gums and natural teeth can negatively impact if the procedure goes wrong. The occlusion is one of the major things which gets affected due to change in the size of a tooth. It is necessary to make sure that the teeth alignment remains unaffected. If the dentist implants the veneers without properly measuring all the parameters, the treatment can cause overbite or under-bite. This usually damages the teeth lies underneath the veneer.

Other Procedures for Teeth Lengthening

The extension of the tooth crown can be carried out using several methods which include surgical, orthodontic, and cosmetic treatments. The reason for lengthening is to increase the visible part of the tooth that is protruding above the gum. If you want to improve your looks by increasing the length of your teeth, you must know about the following available treatment options.

Surgical Lengthening of the Crown of the Tooth

Surgical lengthening of the crown of the tooth is carried out with significant removal of a part of the gum – gingivectomy. In people with a gingival smile, position of the gums is changed through surgery. With the classical method of surgical lengthening, the periodontal groove, which provides protective, hygienic and immunological functions, is removed. To minimize the risk of a defective recovery with scarring, a modernized method of surgical lengthening of the tooth without excision of the natural gingival margin is used. At the moment, it is the safest and most effective way to make beautiful teeth of the right length.

Extension of the Upper Teeth With Crowns

The orthodontic method of tooth lengthening is used when only one tooth needs to be extended. The disadvantage of this method is the installation of braces or removable denture, as well as the duration of treatment, which takes at least three months. After the treatment, the patient must wear a retainer to maintain the result of the tooth extension. In this case, braces can be installed on several teeth as well as on the entire jaw, depending on the clinical case.

Duration of the Teeth Lengthening Procedures

Surgical tooth lengthening is carried out in one day, regardless of the amount of work, which is one of the main advantages of this technique. Each tooth takes a maximum of 10 minutes. After about 1 to 2 weeks, a temporary prosthesis is installed around which an optimal gingival contour is formed. Orthodontic treatment with the crowns and braces takes from 8 months to a year. Veneers installation without surgery requires a few days.