Thankfully, you can now book a memorable dining experience in all-you-can-eat restaurants serving sushi varieties in Dubai. This method of enjoying sushi is not only a great way for newbies to indulge in the goodness of exploding flavors of sushi but it is also a great adventure for people who already love the taste and can’t decide what to order from a staple menu. Let’s take your sushi adventure to the next level and learn everything about making the most of your open buffet sushi Dubai.

Don’t Go Overboard

This is the most important tip of all. You are not going to eat all your money back. You are going for an experience that’s worth every dirham you spend. Experts reveal how people who go slow in their first go are able to gauge on more at the end of the day. They start with their first, preliminary round of tasting flavors and trying out different varieties followed by another round that lets them enjoy their favorite items on the menu. Of course, there can always be another round if you don’t feel fully satiated but overeating on your first round can kill your appetite.

Go Light on The Appetizer

We would suggest skipping the appetizer completely if you can and keep your appetite ready for the real deal. However, if you love to prime your stomach before diving into the varieties, go for lighter, simpler stuff like edamame or seaweed salads instead of fried or hot foods like gyoza. Also, one appetizer is more than enough to get started so you can save the biggest margin for a real sushi experience.

Buffet Sushi Dubai

Experiment and Indulge

If you are one of those people who love to stick to the same thing a lot, especially when it comes to food and flavors, the all-you-can-eat menu for sushi is not for you. People who don’t like experimenting and switching textures end up eating the same thing and waste the experience of unlimited sushi eating. Also, since these deals are pricier, you may end up paying much higher than what you would’ve otherwise spent if you ordered the specific food that you wanted to eat.

If you are looking for a fine-dine experience with an incredible variety of sushi on an unlimited menu, visit us and experience the real deal.