It can be very frustrating if your car refuses to start. Car owners quite simply think it to be a battery issue. They either think that the battery is dead, or it needs to be replaced when the problem simply with the alternator of the car. So, you must know what it is and what it does. Alternators are responsible for generating electricity. They utilize mechanical energy from the engine and turn it into electrical energy which is then used to power the battery. Your car continues to run because of it. If you have an alternator that is not working, your car might start but will soon stop. We recommend getting a battery for sale Abu Dhabi as well as doing a few checks to your alternator. Now, here are a few things that can happen to it.

ECU Issue

Recent cars have an Engine Control Unit or ECU. The ECU is responsible for controlling the various parts of your vehicle. In simple terms, this is actually a computer and you know that computers can perform glitches. This can happen in your car too. Luckily, this is easily repairable.

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Broken Components

The alternator features a reliable belt and pulley mechanism. Due to too much pressure, the belt can break sometimes. When the belt is broken, conversion of energy simply does not take place. As a result, the engine doesn’t start.

Damaged Fuse

Not all cars have a fuse, but some do. It works together with the alternator. If too much power reaches it, it can blow, very much like how it happens with the electrical fuse at home or office. You should check with a technician if your car has one.

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Battery Problem

Car components have a limited age. They work longer in a cold environment. A car battery that has gone kaput won’t charge, no matter what. Likewise, an alternator has a limited life and you will have to buy a new one.

Wiring Problems

An alternator has a lot of wires connected to it. They are responsible for producing power. A single disconnected wire will cause the current from being generated. You will have to get it checked and either repair the wire or replace it completely.

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