A defected smile can affect the overall personality and you will also feel uncomfortable. Nobody wants to keep the lips pressed together to hide the flaws while smiling or talking. Staying confident is easier said than done when you strive to close your mouth and hide your defects. If you search about perfect celebrity-like smirk, you may find that it needs more than simple teeth-whitening attempts. The famous Hollywood grin can be achieved by cosmetic processes. The secret behind shinning and ideal teeth of celebrities are dental veneers. Here are a few important facts about veneers you must know prior to going to your dentist in Dubai.

Do You Know What These Thin Sheets Are?

Veneers are petite sheets that are shaded as original teeth and joined on the exterior of the damaged area to enhance your grin. Resin or porcelain is utilized to prepare these thin shells. A highly effective and harmless adhesive is used to attach them on the area permanently. These shells cover the defected exterior so perfectly that differentiating between natural teeth and veneers becomes tricky. They can effortlessly stay affixed on your teeth for two decades if you maintain optimum cleanliness. Veneers don’t get stained easily which means you can enjoy favorite food and show off your teeth like diamonds.

dental veneer procedure

Varieties of Defects Veneers Can Hide

There are several dental imperfections that can be covered by using veneers.

  • Stained, discolored enamel that cannot be eradicated by simple bleaching techniques
  • Wrecked or whittled corners of a tooth
  • Bad shaped or bent teeth
  • Slits
  • Misplaced tooth

Number of Veneers Involved to Make You Look Great

It is related to the number of teeth that are streaked or bent. If you have just a single streaked or wrecked tooth, then just one sheet is enough. However, if there is a small gap between your teeth or multiple fragmented teeth then you will need four to eight dental veneers to create a striking difference. Dentists in Dubai usually apply veneers in the front teeth.

Various Varieties of Veneers

Nowadays, you can find the following veneers to correct dental imperfections.

1.      Porcelain Veneers

These traditionally famous veneers were used by numerous celebs in the late 1930s. The reason for using them is to change the outer shell of teeth temporarily. A ceramic substance is utilized to craft these thin sheets which wrap the front tooth. Nowadays, porcelain veneers are the prime choice and permanent solution for teeth defects. They can simply maintain your grin bright and ideal for more than a decade. However, if you go to a good dentist in the UAE for this procedure and keep high-quality hygiene, these veneers can stay intact for two decades.

The porcelain used in these amazing sheets is a bit difficult to restore if you accidentally crack or break off apart. Sometimes, your dentist will inject anesthesia to reduce the sensation while applying these veneers. If you are worried about needles, anesthesia is a negative aspect of porcelain veneers. The enamel that is scrapped off and shape that is changed during the procedure cannot be recovered. Once your original teeth are cut for proper placement of veneers, they will remain the same under the thin sheets.

2.      Lumineers

People who require the sturdiest veneers, lumineers are the finest pick. The thickness is as fine as a contact lens and the entire application is free of pain. Your doctor will not use any numbing agent to apply these veneers. There is no scrapping required as they can effortlessly fix in place within 2 visits. You can keep them intact for about twenty years if you keep good oral hygiene. Your teeth will as they are because your dentist will not cut any portion to install these veneers. Many patients complain about the detachment of these veneers after a month of application. You may also feel that the dark tooth beneath the translucent veneers is somewhat visible since the lumineers are not thick.

3.      Composite Veneers

A minimal price and sturdiness make them a prime option. Your grin will become perfect without changing the original teeth. You can easily get these veneers within a day if you visit a good dentist in Dubai. The lifespan is around 5-10 years. They resemble your original teeth subsequent to polishing. You can easily get that celebrity-like smirk through these veneers but the rate of chipping is quite high in these. They can get marks due to the substance utilized but the process of repairing is cheap and easy.

4.      Palatal Veneers

These are generally utilized to restore posterior teeth. They are crafted by using gold but it is also feasible to make them by using other substances. They can restore the area or cavity that is decaying. Your whole tooth will remain unchanged and just the defected portion is treated.

5.      Non-Permanent Veneers

Many dentists in the UAE are suggesting them before applying the final sheets of your desired veneers. People who don’t want to go under the tools for enamel scraping can choose these veneers for temporary use. You can easily remove them as per your needs. The substance utilized in the creation is quite flexible and you can wear to find out the appearance. They can also help in showing the ultimate outcomes during the procedure.

What Happens to Your Defected Area?

Veneers Application

Sometimes a little part of your enamel is grinded or cut off so that the sheets can be fixed. However, if your doctor thinks that there is no need to change the actual teeth, you can avoid the enamel scrapping. The defected area goes under clinical evaluation to ensure that you don’t have any other dental issue. A porcelain filling is utilized prior to the veneer application to seal the hole or any cavity. A pleasant smile may need a combination of treatments so you can enjoy the bright veneers for long terms.


By maintaining optimum hygiene, following all the instructions, and taking excellent care, you can keep the sheets stain-free and unharmed for fifteen to twenty years. There are several cases in which patients have kept them in great condition for longer than two decades. However, it is crucial to take them out if you are suffering from cavities or dental ailments which can have an effect on your original teeth beneath the veneers.

Why Dentists Generally Replace Them?

Dental Veneers in Dubai

Anything that is not original in your oral cavity needs high-quality care. The bacteria can cause diseases and acid can erode the enamel. The prime concern of an orthodontist is to keep your tooth in a superior condition. Oral hygiene is a must thing if you have any type of implants or veneers. Another crucial reason to change them is staining, damage, or wear. Your gums may recess as time passes and alignment may shift owing to aging and your doctor will replace the veneers according to changes. Many patients have multiple veneers which need to be checked repeatedly. Sometimes, these patients don’t visit their dentists and their issues remain unchecked. When your orthodontist doesn’t examine the current state of veneers they may become loose owing to the grinding or gum shifting. It is vital to carry on high-quality oral hygiene to avoid veneer replacement.

How Porcelain Veneers Are Applied?

porcelain veneers preparation

  • A tiny part of your original enamel will be scratched by using dental equipment from both posterior and anterior surfaces. This is usually done to set up the area where veneers will be fixed.
  • A mold is utilized to find out the dimension and arrangement of the dental area to craft a matched veneer. The shade of the substance is set as per your teeth color.
  • Your orthodontist will send this data to the laboratory where professionals will craft a customized veneer as per your details. This course of action is typically completed in weeks. Throughout this period, you may have to wear non-permanent veneers.
  • At the next appointment, your veneers will be placed to find out if they are appearing exactly as natural teeth or not. If the shade is different, you may have to wait for some more days to get the desired results. If shade and size are the same then your doctor will sanitize your oral cavity and fix the veneers.

How Composite Veneers Are Applied?

ceramic veneers preparation

  • Your orthodontist will reshape the affected area if it is crooked and then place some composite to sculpt the dimensions. The shade is created which bear a resemblance to your original teeth.
  • The fixation of this substance can be achieved by utilizing a special light instrument.
  • After that, a particular treatment is done to buff up the sheets so they look shiny.

Things You Must Know Before the Treatment

  • The outer side is scrapped slowly to make your teeth look less shiny and prepare the area. This will aid in fixing the shells permanently. Your orthodontist will not remove a huge part, just a tiny portion is scraped out as per the thickness of sheets. If this step is skipped, your veneers will not set at the area and popped out.
  • An injection is needed to decrease the sensation in the gums and make them numb. This anesthesia will reduce the discomfort and eliminate any chances of pain.
  • After preparing the teeth, a dental impression is taken by dentists to craft a customized veneer.

Duration of Application

Your orthodontist will ask you to visit twice. During the first visit, the shade, dimension, and outline of the veneer are evaluated and when you go for the second time your doctor will fix it. Ask your orthodontist to put the shells on your defected area and check if it is of the right size.

The After Effects of Veneer Fitting

After the shell is fixed to your tooth, only little modifications can be made. Don’t get worried and wait for at least a week to get familiar with the sensation. Your doctor may ask you to visit after fifteen days to polish your veneers and check the ailments or infections.

The Course of Healing

Subsequent to a day, you will not feel any pain or sensation. Some patients complain about soreness in the affected region. The period of healing is different for every patient. It may take five to seven days until you start feeling normal and the redness of gums reduce. Throughout this period, keep excellent care of your veneers and maintain hygiene.

Is it Mandatory to Get Non-Permanent Veneers During Dental Appointments?

At least seven days or two weeks are needed to create your customized veneer. It is better to get non-permanent one to check if it is the right dimension and shade or not.

Is the Procedure of Veneers Painful?

The patient can experience a little bit of sensation and uneasiness after getting non-permanent sheets. However, the patient can feel pain at some stage in the fixation of the final veneers. A bonding sensitivity is quite common among patients, which is defined as a cold sensation and pain of gums attaching to something sharp. Your doctor will provide some pain relievers to avoid this issue. The patient can rinse the region with lukewarm water and get some sleep.

Which Veneer Should I Get?

Each veneer has its pros and cons. Patients have the choice to get their preferable option according to their budgets and requirements. You can get an impeccable grin with both porcelain and composite veneers. Your original teeth will remain vigorous and you can get a symmetrical result in terms of shape and color.

 Advantages of Composite

  • Anyone can easily obtain multiple veneers in just a single appointment.
  • They are comparatively cheaper.
  • The repairing method is easy if there is any damage.

Advantages of Porcelain

  • Patients can enjoy original translucency of their teeth.
  • The lifespan is better than any other option.
  • The shade remains identical and they are quite resistant to stains.

What Should I do Before Getting Veneers?

Veneers in Dubai

Every patient has to ensure that any past or present dental ailment is completely cured. The sturdiness and health of gums is a prime factor. The orthodontist can evaluate the condition and provide medications to prepare your cavity for treatment. Many people have a habit of grinding their jaws together while sleeping. This issue can create a crack in veneers. If a patient is unable to stop clenching then a customized guard is prepared which he or she can wear at night. Many people think that the surface that has been scratched prior the method can grow back but it is not true. The portion that is scrapped to prepare the teeth cannot come back. There is another issue faced by many people that their sheets become loose due to teeth shifting. It is advisable to discuss your anticipations and fears before getting veneers.

What Should I do After Getting Veneers?

Veneers Protection

The process of recovery is not that long and after veneers are fixed you can easily eat. However, if you feel numbness in your gums, avoid chewing because you may chew your tongue.

You may find roughness after the veneers are fixed. This is due to the cement or bonding material used during the process. This roughness will tone down after a week when you keep brushing your teeth. However, if they remain rough, your dentist will polish it and make it smooth during your next visit.

You can keep good care of your veneers by maintaining hygiene. This will help in increasing the lifespan of your veneers. Here are some of the precautions you must take.

  • Avoid chewing hard food and other stuff, don’t keep a pen in your mouth, avoid biting your nails and don’t take the ice in your drinks.
  • Don’t open any packet with your teeth.
  • Don’t use your front teeth while chewing and bite on chocolate from posterior teeth.
  • Wear soft retainers if you grind your teeth during sleep.
  • Wear a guard during sports.