A business set up expert is a professional that will help you understand the finer details of this process. You should be prepared with the correct documents and other business details.

Determine Your Activity

The very first thing in the process of company registration in Dubai, is registering your business is to know what your business is and working out the details. Business details determine if you can setup in the zone or not. For instance, activities involving media, transport or medicine. Setting up next to other similar businesses is also a great idea. Understand where you will frequently engage in business and place your company near that location. Work out the details of the basic infrastructure that will be needed.

Company Registration in Dubai

Choose A Name

When you are applying for your company registration, keep in mind there are some naming restrictions in UAE. The company name shouldn’t have offensive language in it. The name shouldn’t refer to religions and political groups. If you name your company after a person, they absolutely have to be a partner or owner in the organization. Only their full names can be used. For a better grip at this you could think of consulting your business set up expert.

Check Paperwork

You must make sure that you have basic paperwork in place before you proceed. Things like a fully filled application form for the proposed name of your company and copies of the passports of various shareholders need to be submitted. You would also need to submit a business plan and a NOC. Paperwork is tedious but if you have a company that has an expertise in setting up and registering a business by your side, then it’s relatively easy.

Issuing of License

Once the application with other paperwork is processed you will get your license from the government.

Company Registration in UAE

Open A Business Account

The next step is to set up a corporate bank account. You could either visit local banks or international ones. Take the advice of a business setup agent and make the right decision.

Visa Processing

Now you must get a Visa for you, family and employees. You may also put in Visa applications for your staff. But the no. of visa applications may differ in some conditions so ask the setup expert to explain to you such complications.

These were some of the steps required to execute for setting up a business in Dubai. Call us now to know more about how we can help in registering your company in Dubai.